Is There Good Fly Fishing in Ontario?

If you’re looking for good fly fishing in Ontario, then you’re in luck! Ontario’s diverse landscape and climate make it an ideal spot for fly fishing. With a number of rivers, lakes, and streams to choose from, anglers of all levels can find plenty of places to cast their line.

Fly fishing in Ontario offers a unique experience with its variety of species. The most common types of fish include rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, and largemouth bass. Depending on the season and location you choose to fish in, you can also find lake trout and salmon as well.

Where To Find The Best Fly Fishing In Ontario

Ontario has many great spots for fly fishing but some of the best locations include: Algonquin Provincial Park, Lake Nipissing, Lake Simcoe, the Bay of Quinte and Rideau Canal System. Each offers its own unique experience for anglers to enjoy!

Algonquin Provincial Park

This park is known for its stunning landscape and abundance of wildlife. It’s also home to a variety of fish including brook trout, brown trout and walleye.

Anglers can find plenty of rivers and streams to cast their lines in.

Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is one of the largest lakes in Ontario and is known for its exceptional fly fishing. It’s home to plenty of walleye, pike and musky which are all popular game fish species among anglers.

Lake Simcoe

This lake is located near the city if Toronto and is well-known for its fantastic bass fishing opportunities. With a variety of species like smallmouth bass and largemouth bass there are endless possibilities when it comes to catching your favourite type of fish.

The Bay Of Quinte

The Bay Of Quinte is located near Belleville on Lake Ontario’s North Shore and offers some great opportunities for fly fishermen looking to catch both warm-water species like largemouth bass as well as cold-water species like brown trout.

Rideau Canal System

The Rideau Canal System has been around since 1832 when it was built by British engineers as a military supply route between Ottawa River (in Ottawa)and Kingston Harbour (on Lake Ontario). Today it’s still used by recreational boaters but it’s also home to some great spots for fly fishermen looking for rainbow trout or northern pike.

No matter where you go in Ontario there’s sure to be some good spots for fly fishing! With so many options available there’s something out there that everyone can enjoy.

Conclusion – Is There Good Fly Fishing In Ontario?


Yes! With its wealth of rivers, lakes and streams offering up different varieties or species such as rainbow trout or smallmouth bass there is no shortage of spots where one could go fly fishing in Ontario. Whether it be Algonquin Provincial Park or Lake Simcoe each offers its own unique experience that every angler can enjoy!

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