Is There Good Fly Fishing in North Carolina?

Fly fishing in North Carolina is an incredibly rewarding experience. From the mountain streams of the Appalachian Mountains to the coastal flats of the Outer Banks, North Carolina offers a diverse range of waters to explore and some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the country.

The state is home to numerous coldwater and warmwater fish species, including trout, bass, sunfish, and carp. The type of fish you can expect to catch depends on what part of North Carolina you’re fishing in.

In western North Carolina, anglers will find wild native brook trout in small mountain streams. Further east around Asheville and into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, anglers can Target wild brown trout as well as stocked rainbow trout.

For warmwater species such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, sunfish and catfish, head east from Asheville towards Charlotte or out to the Outer Banks region for some serious fly fishing action. Fly fishing for smallmouth bass along rocky points and submerged structure on Lake Norman is legendary among local anglers. Further out on the Outer Banks you’ll find endless opportunities for sightfishing to redfish and other species in shallow tidal creeks or off sandy beaches.

Anglers looking for a unique fly fishing experience should check out North Carolina’s coastal flats where huge schools of feeding red drum can be Targeted with poppers or crabs tied onto a light-weight rod. Fly fishermen Targeting stripers are also finding success along North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast with flies that imitate mullet or menhaden schools.

Overall, there is no shortage of good fly fishing opportunities throughout North Carolina’s diverse landscape from its mountainous regions to its long coastline. Whether you’re looking for a chance at trophy trout or an adventure chasing red drum on the flats, there are plenty of options available for experienced anglers and those just starting out alike!


In conclusion, there is certainly good fly fishing to be found in North Carolina! Anglers can take advantage of diverse habitats ranging from mountain streams to coastal flats which offer excellent opportunities for both freshwater and saltwater species throughout the state.

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