Is There Good Fishing on Lake Hamilton?

Lake Hamilton is a well-known destination for anglers looking for a great fishing experience. Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Lake Hamilton spans over 7,200 acres and is known for its excellent bass fishing. The lake offers plenty of coves, points and other features that make it an ideal spot for anglers to cast out their lines.

The lake is stocked with several species of sport fish including largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, bream and catfish. Largemouth bass are the most sought after fish in the lake and can be caught year-round.

The lake also has a healthy population of smallmouth bass which can be found in the deeper waters near the dam. Spotted bass can also be found throughout the lake but they are most commonly caught near rocky shorelines and ledges.

Crappie are perhaps one of the most popular species in Lake Hamilton as they can be found in shallow waters near vegetation or around woody structure such as stumps or logs. Bream can also be found throughout the lake but are more commonly caught near submerged points or humps. Catfish also inhabit Lake Hamilton with both flathead and channel catfish making up the majority of catches.

Lake Hamilton is an excellent fishing destination filled with plenty of different species to Target. Anglers who visit here will find that there is something for everyone regardless of what type of angling they enjoy. From trophy largemouth bass to smaller panfish, Lake Hamilton has something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to fishing.


Yes, there is good fishing on Lake Hamilton! The lake offers anglers a variety of species to Target and its location makes it easily accessible from Hot Springs and the surrounding area. With an abundance of coves, points and other features this lake is great for both beginner and experienced anglers alike!

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