Is There Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park?

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular outdoor activities for visitors. The park contains some of the best trout fishing in the country, with a variety of species including cutthroat, rainbow, brown, and brook trout. Fly fishing has become so popular in Yellowstone that it has become a major attraction for tourists and locals alike.

When it comes to fly fishing in Yellowstone, there are plenty of options available. The park has over 300 miles of streams, rivers and creeks to explore.

Fishermen can also take advantage of the numerous lakes throughout the park that offer great still water opportunities. No matter what type of fishing you prefer, there is something for everyone in Yellowstone.

Fly fishing in Yellowstone can be done from a variety of locations including banks, boats and wading spots. It is important to note that certain areas are restricted to catch-and-release only as a way to protect fish populations. Wading is allowed in most areas but should be done with caution due to swift currents and uneven terrain.

In addition to the variety of fish species available in Yellowstone, anglers will also find an abundance of aquatic insects and other food sources which make fly fishing even more appealing. The park’s abundant insect life provides an opportunity for fishermen to hone their skills by matching their flies with what they find on the water.


Yes, there is fly fishing available in Yellowstone National Park! With plenty of streams, rivers and lakes as well as an abundance of aquatic insects providing ample food sources for fish species, anglers have plenty of options when it comes to fly fishing in this spectacular park.

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