Is There Fly Fishing in Wisconsin?

Fly fishing in Wisconsin is a popular outdoor activity that offers a unique and enjoyable experience. With over 15,000 miles of streams and rivers, Wisconsin offers some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the Midwest.

Fly fisherman can enjoy a variety of species in Wisconsin, including smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, lake trout and musky. The state has an abundance of public access areas for anglers to explore and discover new bodies of water or to fish the tried and true spots.

To get started fly fishing in Wisconsin you will need basic equipment such as rod, reel, flies, tippet material and leaders. Additionally, you will need to obtain a valid fishing license from the state Department of Natural Resources.

Where to Fly Fish in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has many great fly fishing spots to choose from depending on what species you are Targeting or what type of terrain you prefer. Some popular areas include the Wolf River near Shawano and White Lake near Rhinelander. The Brule River near Superior is another great spot that offers excellent trout fishing opportunities throughout the year.

Tips for Fly Fishing in Wisconsin

If you are just getting started with fly fishing in Wisconsin there are some important tips that will help you get more out of your experience. It is important to understand hatches and use appropriate flies at different times of year.

Also, be sure to respect private property when accessing streams or rivers on public land.


Yes, there is fly fishing available in Wisconsin! With its abundance of rivers and streams across the state, it provides an ideal environment for anglers looking for that perfect catch! Whether you are Targeting smallmouth bass or lake trout there is something for everyone when it comes to fly fishing in Wisconsin!

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