Is There Fly Fishing in New Mexico?

Fly fishing in New Mexico has been steadily gaining in popularity for the past few years. The state is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse waters in the United States, with a wide range of fish species available to anglers. From native trout to bass, catfish and panfish, the range of potential catches is vast.

New Mexico’s diverse climates and landscapes make it an ideal location for fly fishing. From high mountain lakes and streams near Taos and Santa Fe in the north, to a variety of rivers, reservoirs, and lakes near Carlsbad and Las Cruces in the south, anglers can find a range of options. Whether you prefer peaceful solitude or a bustling lake with plenty of action, New Mexico has it all.

For beginners, New Mexico is a fantastic place to learn fly fishing. There are many areas with less complex water, allowing beginners to practice their skills without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, local guides can be hired to provide instruction on casting, knot-tying, and water reading – all important skills for a successful fly fishing trip.

Essential Equipment

When it comes to equipment, a basic 5 or 6-weight rod is fine for most types of fly fishing in New Mexico. A 9-foot leader tapered to 4X or 5X will suffice as well as some tippet material (6X or 7X) in case you need it while out on the water.

Fishing Regulations

It’s important that anglers check local regulations before heading out on their fly fishing adventure. Some areas may require special permits or have seasonal restrictions on certain species or types of fishing gear.


In conclusion, there is definitely fly fishing opportunities available in New Mexico if you know where to look. With its diverse terrain and climates, anglers will find plenty of fish species to test their skills against while enjoying some stunning scenery.

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