Is There Fly Fishing in Moab Utah?

Is There Fly Fishing in Moab Utah?

Fly fishing is a unique and enjoyable way to fish – and it’s no surprise that anglers around the world are increasingly looking for destinations to enjoy this rewarding experience. Moab, Utah is one such destination, as its numerous rivers, lakes, and creeks offer plenty of opportunities for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Moab is blessed with several large and small bodies of water that are teeming with a variety of fish species. The Colorado River forms the western boundary of Moab, while the Green River flows through the city’s eastern side.

These two rivers provide ample opportunities for fly fishers to practice their craft. The banks of both rivers are lined with cottonwood trees that provide shade during hot days, as well as plenty of cover for fish.

In addition to these two major waterways, there are dozens of smaller streams and creeks located throughout the city’s canyons and valleys. Most of these creeks feature shallow waters filled with trout, bass, catfish and other species that provide an excellent opportunity for fly fishing enthusiasts to hone their skills.

The nearby La Sal Mountains also offer some excellent fly fishing locations. The streams in this area are filled with rainbow trout which can be easily caught using dry flies or nymphs. For those who prefer to Target larger gamefish, the nearby Utah Lake provides an opportunity to catch largemouth bass using streamers or poppers.


In short, there is definitely fly fishing in Moab Utah! It has everything you could want – from large rivers like the Colorado and Green Rivers to smaller creeks and streams full of trout – so no matter what type of fly fishing experience you’re looking for there’s something here for everyone!

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