Is There Fly Fishing in Mexico?

Fly fishing is one of the most popular recreational fishing activities, but did you know that it can also be done in Mexico? Yes, fly fishing in Mexico is a real thing and it offers a unique and exciting experience. Here’s what you need to know about fly fishing in Mexico.

Mexico has some of the best fly fishing spots in the world.

From the Sea of Cortez to the Yucatan Peninsula, there are plenty of great places to cast your line and try your luck. The waters near Cabo San Lucas are known for their excellent saltwater fly fishing opportunities and can be easily accessed by boat or on foot. Inland waters like Lake Chapala and Lake Catemaco offer freshwater fly fishing with plenty of bass, trout, and other species available.

The best time for fly fishing in Mexico varies depending on the location and type of fish you’re Targeting. In saltwater areas, winter months tend to be best for catching larger gamefish such as marlin and sailfish while summer months are better for smaller species like bonito or roosterfish. On inland waters like lakes, rivers, and streams, spring is usually the best time since this is when many species spawn.

Fly fishing gear is widely available in Mexico but make sure to bring your own if you have it as local stores may not have exactly what you need. You’ll need a rod, reel, line, flies, tippet material, leaders, waders (if needed), etc., so plan ahead.


Safety should always be a priority when visiting foreign countries so make sure to research local laws and regulations before heading out on your fly-fishing trip. It’s also important to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance coverage should anything go wrong during your trip.


So yes – there is definitely fly fishing in Mexico! With its abundance of great spots offering both saltwater and freshwater opportunities plus its convenient location just south of the US border – it makes for an excellent destination for anglers looking for something new. Just remember to do your research beforehand and stay safe while enjoying this unique experience.

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