Is There Fly Fishing in Georgia?

Fly fishing in Georgia has been a popular sport for many years. Fishers of all ages and experience levels can enjoy the peaceful waters of Georgia’s rivers and lakes.

Fly fishing is an angling technique that uses a rod, reel, line, and artificial flies to catch fish. Instead of using bait or lures, fly fishermen use specialized artificial flies to attract fish to the hook.

Georgia is known for its abundance of trout and bass, two species that are popular Targets for fly fishermen. Trout may be found in many coldwater streams, creeks and rivers throughout the state.

In the North Georgia Mountains, trout streams flow from the Appalachian Trail into Lake Burton, providing excellent opportunities for fly fishing.

The Chattahoochee River is also a great spot for fly fishing in Georgia. This river runs through Atlanta and feeds into Lake Lanier on its way to Florida.

The Chattahoochee provides plenty of opportunities to catch large-mouth bass as well as rainbow trout.

For those looking to catch saltwater species, the coastal areas of Georgia provide plenty of opportunities as well. Redfish and tarpon are abundant in the tidal marshes near Savannah and along the coast near Brunswick. The Golden Isles are also a great spot for fly fishing; inshore saltwater species like sea trout, redfish, flounder and sheepshead can be found here.


So yes there is definitely fly fishing in Georgia! With its abundance of trout, bass and saltwater species from the coastlines to inland rivers there is something for every type of angler here in Georgia!

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