Is There Fly Fishing in Costa Rica?

Fly fishing in Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular with anglers from all over the world. The tropical country offers some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the entire world, and with its many rivers, lakes and lagoons, it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’re looking for a place to fish for tarpon, bonefish or snook, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

The most popular fly fishing spots in Costa Rica are located along the Pacific coast. Here you can find an abundance of tarpon, snook and bonefish in various rivers and estuaries.

Tarpon are especially plentiful here, and they can be caught year round. Snook also thrive in this area, while Bonefish are found only during certain times of year.

Inland areas of Costa Rica also offer excellent fly fishing opportunities. The northern region is home to several large rivers that contain a variety of species including trout and even bass.

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is also well known for its tarpon fishing as well as largemouth bass.

No matter where you decide to go fly fishing in Costa Rica, you will have an unforgettable experience. The tropical climate allows for year-round fishing, so no matter what time of year you visit you will be sure to find plenty of action on the water.


Yes, there is definitely fly fishing in Costa Rica! With its abundance of rivers, lakes and lagoons it offers some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the world. Whether you’re looking for tarpon or bonefish on the Pacific coast or trout or bass inland – there’s something for everyone!

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