Is There Fishing at Lake Isabella?

Lake Isabella is a popular destination for fishing in the California High Country. Located in the southern part of Kern County, Lake Isabella is a large reservoir with a surface area of 11,400 acres.

It is fed by the Kern River, and the lake has a maximum depth of around 200 feet. The lake provides habitat for many species of fish, including bass, catfish, trout, crappie and bluegill.

Fishing at Lake Isabella has a long and interesting history. The lake was originally created to provide irrigation water for Central Valley farms in 1953.

Over time, it has become an increasingly popular spot for fishermen who are looking to catch some big fish. There are several boat launches available on the shoreline, making it easy to get out onto the water.

The best time to fish at Lake Isabella is during the spring when there is plenty of baitfish present in the lake and water temperatures are still cool enough that they attract game fish like bass and trout. Anglers can also find success during other times of year as well. Summer months can be good for bass fishing since they tend to move into deeper waters during this time.

Fishing regulations vary depending on whether you’re fishing from shore or from a boat. From shore you’re limited to two lines per person with no more than two hooks per line.

From a boat there’s no limit on lines or hooks as long as they’re used in accordance with state regulations. All anglers must have a valid California fishing license regardless of where they’re fishing.


Yes, there is plenty of fishing available at Lake Isabella! Anglers should take note of local regulations when heading out onto the lake but should also be prepared to find success if they choose their times wisely and use appropriate tackle/baits.

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