Is There a Fishing Tournament on Lake Hartwell?

The Lake Hartwell fishing tournament is a great event for experienced and novice fishermen alike. The tournament takes place on the second weekend of May every year, and is a catch-and-release event.

It is open to all ages and has different categories for different skill levels.

The tournament starts out with a “kids’ casting contest”, where the participants can show off their skills with a rod and reel. After that, the main event begins with teams of two competing to catch the biggest fish.

Teams are judged on the size of their catch as well as technique. Each team is allowed to keep two fish for dinner if they wish.

The winners of each category will receive prizes such as rods, reels, tackle boxes, lures, and other fishing gear from top brands in the industry. There are also plenty of vendors at the tournament selling food, drinks, and other items.

The Lake Hartwell fishing tournament has become an annual tradition for many fishermen in the area. It’s a great opportunity to get out on the lake with family and friends, show off your skills, and maybe even win some prizes.


So yes, there is a fishing tournament on Lake Hartwell every year that brings together experienced and novice fishermen alike to compete for prizes and have some fun on the lake!

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