Is There a Fishing Tournament on Douglas Lake?

Douglas Lake is a 30,000 acre reservoir in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. It is one of the most popular fishing spots in the area, offering anglers an opportunity to catch both warm and cold water species.

With its large size, there is plenty of room for recreational fishing and tournaments. So, is there a fishing tournament on Douglas Lake?

The answer is yes! The Douglas Lake Bassmasters host an annual tournament on Douglas Lake each year in June.

The event is open to any angler who wishes to participate and includes two days of competition. Anglers compete for prize money and bragging rights as they try to catch the biggest bass on Douglas Lake. The tournament also offers a variety of side events such as raffles and drawings for prizes.

The tournament is divided into five divisions: Open Division, Pro Division, Ladies Division, Junior Division and Senior Division. Each division has its own rules and regulations that must be followed by all participants. For example, the Open Division requires all boats to be equipped with proper safety equipment such as life jackets and fire extinguishers while the Pro Division requires each boat to be equipped with a fish finder/depth finder.

Participants in the tournament can expect plenty of excitement throughout the weekend with weigh-ins held at designated times throughout each day. There are also various other activities available such as seminars given by local experts on topics related to fishing on Douglas Lake as well as boat shows featuring some of the latest boats available for purchase.

The Douglas Lake Bassmasters also host several other tournaments throughout the year so if you’re looking for a chance to test your angling skills against some of the best fishermen around then look no further than Douglas Lake!


Yes there is a fishing tournament on Douglas Lake hosted by the Douglas Lakes Bassmasters annually in June! This two-day event includes several divisions with different rules depending on which one you choose to compete in. Participants can enjoy weigh-ins throughout each day along with various other activities such as seminars and boat shows.

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