Is the Upper Sacramento River Fly Fishing Only?

Upper Sacramento River fly fishing is one of the most popular activities for anglers in Northern California. This river has been a beloved spot for fishermen since the 1800s, and is widely considered to be one of the best places to fly fish in the state.

The Upper Sacramento River stretches from Mount Shasta to Redding, and offers some of the best trout fishing opportunities in California.

The Upper Sacramento River is home to a variety of trout species, including rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and steelhead. The river also has an abundance of other game fish such as bass and panfish. This makes it an ideal location for both experienced anglers and beginners alike.

The Upper Sacramento River is a great destination for fly fishing because it has a wide variety of insect hatches throughout the year. On any given day you can expect to find mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, midges, and damselflies on the surface of the water. These hatches provide excellent opportunities for anglers to catch large numbers of fish.

Fly fishermen also have access to many different types of flies that are specifically designed for this river. These flies come in a wide range of sizes and colors that can be used to effectively Target various species of trout. Additionally, the river has many areas where anglers can wade or float their boats in order to get into prime fishing spots.

Upper Sacramento River fly fishing can be enjoyed by all skill levels. There are plenty of experienced guides who can help you locate prime fishing spots as well as provide instruction on how best to use your gear.

Additionally, there are several lodges along the river where you can stay overnight if you want to make a weekend out of it.


Yes, upper Sacramento River Fly Fishing is indeed only! With its abundance of trout species and insect hatches throughout the year, it’s no wonder why this river has been so popular with anglers since the 1800s! Experienced guides are available to help novice anglers locate prime spots along with stayover lodges if they wish to make a weekend out of it!

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