Is the Rhine the Last Mission in CoD WW2?

When it comes to Call of Duty WW2, players have been eagerly waiting for new missions and exciting content to keep them engaged. One mission that has caught the attention of many gamers is the Rhine, which is the final mission of the game’s campaign mode.

But is the Rhine really the last mission in CoD WW2? Let’s find out.

The Rhine – The Final Mission

The Rhine is undoubtedly one of the most iconic missions in CoD WW2. This mission takes place in March 1945, where players take on the role of Ronald “Red” Daniels as he and his team attempt to cross the Rhine River and enter Germany. This mission serves as a climactic end to an already intense campaign mode, with its intense action-packed sequences and memorable moments.

What Happens After The Rhine?

Many gamers have been left wondering what happens after they complete the Rhine mission. Does the game simply end there? Well, not exactly.

After completing this final mission, players are rewarded with a short cinematic ending that concludes the game’s story. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any more content left for players to enjoy.

CoD WW2 also offers additional game modes such as multiplayer and Nazi Zombies, which can provide hours of entertainment even after completing the campaign mode.

Multiplayer Mode

If you’re looking for a more competitive experience, then CoD WW2’s multiplayer mode should be right up your alley. With various maps, modes, and weapons available, players can engage in fast-paced battles against other online gamers from all over the world.

Additionally, CoD WW2 also has a progression system that rewards players with new weapons and items as they level up their character.

Nazi Zombies

For those who enjoy a good horror-themed experience, CoD WW2’s Nazi Zombies mode is a must-play. This mode features a cooperative gameplay experience where players fight off waves of zombies in various maps based on real-life locations.

Players can also customize their characters with different loadouts and perks, making each playthrough unique.


While the Rhine may be the final mission in CoD WW2’s campaign mode, it’s definitely not the end of the game. With its multiplayer and Nazi Zombies modes, there’s still plenty of content left for players to explore.

So if you’re looking for an engaging and action-packed shooter game, then be sure to give Call of Duty WW2 a try. With its immersive gameplay, memorable missions, and exciting game modes, it’s no wonder why this game is still popular among gamers all over the world.

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