Is the Jaw Fossil Better Than the Sail Fossil?

Is the Jaw Fossil Better Than the Sail Fossil?


When it comes to fossil Pokémon, few things are as exciting as discovering and reviving ancient creatures from the past. In the Kalos region, two fossils stand out among the rest – the Jaw Fossil and the Sail Fossil.

Both hold the potential to bring back powerful Pokémon, but which one is better? Let’s take a deep dive into their characteristics and find out.

The Jaw Fossil

The Jaw Fossil is an intriguing fossil that holds the remains of an ancient Pokémon with a strong jaw. When revived, it becomes Tyrunt, a dual-type Rock/Dragon Pokémon. This prehistoric creature’s powerful bite and sturdy defenses make it a formidable opponent in battle.


  • Offensive Power: Tyrunt boasts impressive attack stats, allowing it to deal significant damage to its opponents.
  • Type Advantage: Being a Rock/Dragon type gives Tyrunt an advantage over several common types such as Flying, Bug, Fire, and Electric.
  • Evolves into Tyrantrum: When Tyrunt reaches level 39, it evolves into Tyrantrum, a fearsome Dragon/Rock type Pokémon with even higher stats.


  • Fragile Defense: While Tyrunt excels in offense, its defensive capabilities are lacking. Its low Special Defense makes it vulnerable to special attacks.
  • Vulnerable to Fairy Type: The Fairy type is super effective against both Rock and Dragon types, making Tyrunt susceptible to Fairy-type moves.

The Sail Fossil

The Sail Fossil is another captivating fossil that contains the remains of an ancient Pokémon with a sail on its back. This fossil brings Amaura back to life, an Ice/Rock type Pokémon. Amaura’s elegant appearance and unique typing make it an intriguing choice for trainers looking for something different.


  • Special Attack: Amaura possesses exceptional Special Attack stats, allowing it to unleash powerful Ice-type moves against its adversaries.
  • Type Advantage: As an Ice/Rock type, Amaura has an advantage over common types like Flying, Bug, Grass, and Ground.
  • Evolves into Aurorus: Once Amaura reaches level 39, it evolves into Aurorus, a majestic Ice/Rock type Pokémon with enhanced stats and a stunning presence.


  • Poor Physical Defense: Amaura’s low Defense stat makes it susceptible to physical attacks, especially from types like Fighting and Steel.
  • Vulnerable to Steel Type: The Steel type is super effective against both Ice and Rock types, making Amaura particularly weak against these kinds of moves.

The Verdict

In the end, deciding whether the Jaw Fossil or the Sail Fossil is better depends on your battle strategy and personal preference. If you prefer offensive power and a fearsome physical attacker, the Jaw Fossil’s Tyrunt and Tyrantrum are excellent choices. On the other hand, if you’re drawn to elegance, special attack prowess, and a unique typing, the Sail Fossil’s Amaura and Aurorus might be the perfect fit for your team.

Ultimately, both fossils offer exciting opportunities to add ancient Pokémon to your collection. So, choose the fossil that aligns with your battle style and embark on an adventure with these fascinating prehistoric creatures!

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