Is Tempe Town Lake Open for Fishing?

Tempe Town Lake is a popular fishing spot in Arizona. It is open for fishing all year round and is a great place to catch a variety of fish. The lake features a wide variety of fish species including largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, carp, and sunfish.

The lake has plenty of resources available for fishermen looking to make the most out of their trip. Fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 years or older who wants to fish in the lake.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department provides free fishing advice and tips on how to best utilize the lake’s resources. They also offer classes on fishing safety and techniques.

Tempe Town Lake also has several boat launches that are open year-round for fishermen looking to take their boats out into the lake. There are also several docks located around the lake for those who prefer to stay close to shore. Boats can be rented from local businesses if needed.

The lake is stocked with a variety of baitfish including minnows, shad, and crayfish, which makes it a great spot for all kinds of anglers from beginners to experienced fishermen alike. In addition to baitfish, Tempe Town Lake also offers lures, tackle boxes, rods, reels and other fishing gear for sale at various locations around the lake or online through local vendors.


Yes, Tempe Town Lake is open for fishing all year round! Anglers will find plenty of resources available such as boat launches, docks and bait shops that provide everything they need for an enjoyable day out on the water.

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