Is Spearfishing Legal on Oahu?

Spearfishing on Oahu has long been a popular way to catch fish, and tourists often flock to the island’s shores to take part in the activity. However, there are a few important regulations that must be followed if you plan to spearfish in Hawaii.

First, it is important to understand that spearfishing is only permitted in certain areas of Oahu. The Hawaiian Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) maintains a list of approved areas, and it is important to check this list before heading out on your fishing trip. For example, spearfishing is not allowed at any of the islands’ beaches or lagoons.

In addition, certain types of spearfishing gear are restricted in Hawaii. This includes spearguns, which are illegal for recreational use in the state. Some types of spears are also prohibited, including those with multiple prongs or barbs.

Spearfishermen must also abide by local size and bag limits for their catches. The DLNR maintains a website that outlines these regulations for each species. It is important to abide by these limits in order to maintain healthy fish populations.


Overall, spearfishing on Oahu is legal as long as you follow the proper regulations and guidelines set forth by the DLNR. Be sure to research the approved areas and acceptable gear before heading out on your fishing trip so that you do not run into any legal issues while enjoying your time on one of Hawaii’s beautiful islands!

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