Is Spearfishing Legal in Washington State?

Spearfishing is a popular sport in Washington State, which is home to some of the best fishing in the United States. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and catch some tasty fish. But is spearfishing legal in Washington State?

The answer is yes, spearfishing is legal in Washington State. The state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has designated certain areas as “Spearfishing Areas,” where it is legal to use spears or other spearing devices to take fish. These areas are generally located near shorelines or along rivers, lakes and streams that are known for their good fishing spots.

There are some restrictions when it comes to spearfishing in Washington State. Spearfishers must comply with all applicable state laws regarding size limits, bag limits and season dates.

They must also have a valid fishing license and follow all safety regulations while on the water. In addition, they must use gear that meets WDFW regulations.

When spearfishing in Washington State, it’s important to remember that there are certain species of fish that cannot be taken by spear. These include salmon, steelhead trout and sturgeon. It’s also important to note that some bodies of water may have additional restrictions or bans on spearing activities due to environmental concerns.


In conclusion, spearfishing is legal in Washington State as long as all applicable laws and regulations are followed. Spearfishers must also be aware of any species or area-specific restrictions that may be in place. By following these guidelines and using proper safety equipment, you can enjoy an exciting day of spearfishing and help keep our waters clean for future generations.

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