Is Spearfishing Legal in Tahiti?

Spearfishing, a form of recreational fishing where a spear-like device is used to catch fish, has become increasingly popular in Tahiti. The practice has been around for centuries and is seen as an important part of the culture in Tahiti. However, due to the potential environmental impacts of spearfishing, there are restrictions on its use in Tahiti.

Spearfishing is generally considered legal in Tahiti as long as it is practiced responsibly. The Tahitian government has enacted regulations that limit the size and type of fish that can be caught with a spear.

These regulations are designed to ensure that the fish stocks remain healthy and that the local environment is not harmed by overfishing. Additionally, many areas of Tahitian waters are closed to spearfishing during certain times of the year in order to protect vulnerable species or preserve spawning grounds.

Spearfishers must also obtain permits from the government before they can legally practice spearfishing in Tahiti. Permits are issued on an individual basis and can be obtained from local fisheries offices or online.

In addition to obtaining a permit, spearfishers must also adhere to any additional regulations that apply at their chosen location. This includes following any gear restrictions or size limits on fish species.

When practicing spearfishing responsibly, it can have many positive benefits both for people and for the environment. It allows local communities to access fresh protein without damaging coral reefs or other sensitive habitats. Additionally, it can help create jobs and provide income for locals by providing services related to tourism.


In conclusion, while there are some restrictions on its use in Tahiti, spearfishing is generally considered legal when practiced responsibly with proper permits and adherence to all applicable regulations.

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