Is Spearfishing Legal in SCUBA Diving?

Spearfishing is a popular activity among SCUBA divers, but it is important to know the regulations of where you are diving in order to determine if spearfishing is legal or not. In some areas, spearfishing is prohibited due to conservation and safety reasons.

In other areas, it may be allowed with certain restrictions.

In South Carolina, the regulations on spearfishing while SCUBA diving vary depending on where you are located. Spearfishing is allowed in certain areas of the state, but there are several restrictions that must be followed.

The first restriction is that spearfishing must be done from a boat or pier. This means that divers cannot spearfish from shore or from a beach. Additionally, all spears must be equipped with a barbless tip in order to reduce the chances of an animal being injured by the spear.

Spearfish can only be taken for personal consumption and cannot be sold for commercial purposes. The total weight of all fish taken by one person per day cannot exceed five pounds, and all fish must meet size requirements specified by the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

It is also important to note that certain species of fish are strictly prohibited from being taken while spearfishing in South Carolina. These species include any native species listed as threatened or endangered by the state’s Department of Natural Resources.


In summary, spearfishing while SCUBA diving in South Carolina is legal with certain restrictions such as having a barbless tip on your spear, taking only five pounds per day and not taking any native threatened or endangered species. It is important to research local regulations and abide by them in order to ensure your safety and respect the environment you are diving in.

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