Is Spearfishing Legal in Dubai?

Spearfishing is an ancient fishing technique which has been practiced for thousands of years. It involves the use of a spear or other device to catch fish from a body of water, usually from the shore.

Spearfishing has become popular in modern times as a sport and recreational activity, and is also used by commercial fishermen and subsistence fishers. In Dubai, the legal status of spearfishing is somewhat complicated.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a general ban on commercial fishing, and this includes spearfishing. However, it is possible to obtain permission to fish commercially in certain areas with appropriate permission from the relevant authorities. This permission is typically granted to fishing companies, rather than individuals.

For recreational purposes, spearfishing is allowed in some parts of Dubai but not all. The emirate’s coastal waters are home to several species of fish which are protected under local law, so any form of fishing must be done with caution and respect for these species. However, some areas do permit recreational spearfishing as long as the fisher adheres to certain regulations and obtains proper authorization from the local authorities.

In general, spearfishing is legal in Dubai but subject to certain restrictions. Recreational fishers should ensure that they adhere to all regulations in order to remain within the law and avoid fines or other penalties for illegal fishing activities. In addition, it’s important for anyone who plans on engaging in recreational spearfishing activities to familiarize themselves with local laws and customs as well as safety guidelines before heading out on their expedition.


In conclusion, spearfishing is generally legal in Dubai but with certain restrictions depending on where you plan on doing it and what type of fishing you intend to do. It’s important that recreational fishers familiarize themselves with local laws and safety guidelines before engaging in any kind of activity involving a weapon such as a speargun or harpoon.

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