Is Spearfishing Allowed in BVI?

Spearfishing is a popular activity in the British Virgin Islands, and is allowed on most of its shores. It is an ideal way to catch fish without having to use traditional methods such as using a fishing rod. Spearfishing is a great way to experience the diverse marine environment of the BVI and is suitable for all levels of experience.

Spearfishing in the BVI requires a license, and this can be obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources. This license will need to be renewed annually, and it will also require you to have your own spearfishing equipment. The regulations in the BVI are designed to ensure that the fish population remains healthy, so you must adhere to them when spearfishing.

The waters around the BVI are home to many species of fish, both large and small. The most popular species for spearfishing are barracudas, groupers, snappers, jacks and amberjacks.

These species can be found at various depths depending on where you are fishing. It is important that you research what type of fish you are likely to find before heading out on your spearfishing trip.

The best time for spearfishing in the BVI is during the months between June and September when there is an abundance of fish in the area. During this time it is important to remember that some species of fish are protected by law, so they should not be Targeted while spearfishing. You should also refrain from using any type of dynamite or other explosives while fishing as these can cause significant damage to coral reefs and other marine life.


In conclusion, yes – Spearfishing is allowed in BVI with necessary licenses and regulations enforced by Ministry of Natural Resources for conservation purposes. Itโ€™s best done during June-September when thereโ€™s an abundance of fish around but certain species should not be Targeted due to legal protection.

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