Is Snorkeling Good on St Thomas?

Snorkeling on St Thomas is an incredible experience that offers an up-close look at the spectacular marine life in the Caribbean Sea. With a variety of reefs, caves, and shipwrecks to explore, snorkelers can experience a diverse array of sights and sounds. Not only is St Thomas known for its magnificent coral reefs and colorful sea life, but it also offers great weather year-round and calm waters for novice snorkelers.

St Thomas is home to some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs. The vibrant colors of these reefs will make any snorkeler feel like they are in a different world. Many areas around St Thomas offer shallow waters where you can spot different types of fish, turtles, rays, and other sea creatures.

In addition to these shallow areas, there are deeper areas around St Thomas as well which give more experienced divers an opportunity to explore shipwrecks and other fascinating underwater sites.

The weather in St Thomas is perfect for snorkeling all year round. The warm water temperatures make it comfortable to stay in the water for extended periods of time without getting cold or tired. The calm waters also provide a safe place for novice snorkelers to get accustomed to the sport before diving into more challenging areas.

There are many great places to go snorkeling on St Thomas including Coki Beach, Magen’s Bay, Sapphire Beach, and Lindquist Beach. Each beach offers its own unique features such as caves or wrecks for exploration and plenty of fish life for viewing. There are also several tour companies that offer guided trips with experienced guides who can help you find the best spots along with providing safety tips.


In conclusion, snorkeling on St Thomas is a wonderful experience that offers something for every type of water enthusiast – from novice snorkelers to experienced divers looking for adventure and exploration. With its abundance of colorful coral reefs and vibrant marine life, St Thomas is one of the best places in the Caribbean to go snorkeling!

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