Is Rice Lake Good for Fishing?

Rice Lake is a popular fishing spot in Ontario, Canada. It’s located east of Peterborough, near the town of Bewdley. The lake is surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills, making it a beautiful spot to spend a day fishing.

The lake is known for its abundance of walleye and northern pike, as well as smaller fish such as perch and sunfish. Anglers can also expect to catch bass, muskies and an occasional trout or salmon. For those looking for an even bigger challenge, there are also some lake sturgeon that can be caught in Rice Lake.

Fishing Techniques

Rice Lake offers plenty of opportunity for anglers to hone their skills. Spinning and fly-fishing are both popular methods for catching walleye in the lake’s deep waters.

Jigging is also a popular technique used to Target northern pike, as these fish like to lurk around structure such as weeds and logs. Live bait can be effective when Targeting some of Rice Lake’s bigger gamefish like bass and muskies.


Anglers should familiarize themselves with the regulations set out by the Ministry of Natural Resources before heading out onto Rice Lake. These regulations cover things such as size limits, bag limits, seasons and tackle restrictions. It’s important to follow these regulations if you want to make sure you have an enjoyable fishing experience while respecting the environment at the same time.


In conclusion, Rice Lake is an excellent location for anglers looking for a great day on the water. With its abundance of fish species and variety of techniques available, it’s no surprise that this spot is one of Ontario’s top fishing destinations. Whether you’re looking for walleye or bass or just want to try your luck at catching some lake sturgeon, Rice Lake has something for everyone – making it a great place for fishing!

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