Is Patoka Lake Good for Fishing?

Patoka Lake, located in Dubois and Orange counties in Indiana, is known for its excellent fishing. The lake covers 8,800 acres and is the second largest reservoir in the state.

It offers an abundance of largemouth bass, walleye, crappie, catfish, bluegill and other panfish. There are also plenty of trout in the lake’s tributaries.

The lake is home to several fish species that anglers can Target. Largemouth bass are the most popular game fish to catch here.

They can be found in shallow waters near vegetation or deeper waters around structure like points and sunken timber. Walleye can also be found here, although they are more difficult to catch than bass. They tend to be found at greater depths during the summer months.

Crappie fishing is also popular on Patoka Lake. These small fish are abundant throughout the lake and can often be caught with small jigs or live bait such as minnows or worms. Catfish can also be caught here using a variety of methods including cut bait, live bait and even artificial lures.

The lake also contains plenty of smaller panfish such as bluegill, sunfish, perch and rock bass. These fish can be caught with a variety of different baits including worms, small jigs or even flies in some cases.


Patoka Lake is a great place for anglers looking for an exciting day out on the water. With plenty of different species on offer and an abundance of fish throughout the year, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular spot among fishermen.

Is Patoka Lake Good for Fishing?

Yes! Patoka Lake is an excellent option for fishermen looking to catch a variety of different species all year round.

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