Is Nyan Koi Harem?

Nyan Koi is a popular anime series that has been debated by fans for years on whether it can be classified as a harem anime. While some argue that the show fits the criteria for a harem, others disagree. In this article, we will explore the elements of Nyan Koi and determine whether it can be considered a harem anime or not.

What is a Harem Anime?

Before we dive into whether Nyan Koi is a harem anime, let’s first define what exactly a harem anime is. A harem anime typically features a male protagonist who is surrounded by multiple female characters who are all romantically interested in him. The male protagonist is usually oblivious to their affections and often finds himself in comedic or awkward situations with the female characters.

The Plot of Nyan Koi

Nyan Koi follows the story of Junpei Kousaka, a high school student who has an allergy to cats. One day, he accidentally damages a statue of a cat deity and as punishment, he must grant 100 wishes from cats or he will turn into one himself.

Throughout the series, Junpei interacts with various female characters who are involved in his journey to fulfill these wishes. These characters include Kanako Sumiyoshi, Junpei’s childhood friend and love interest; Kaede Mizuno, another classmate who has feelings for Junpei; and Nagi Ichinose, a wealthy girl who hires Junpei to take care of her cats.

Elements of Nyan Koi

Now that we have established the plot of Nyan Koi let’s analyze whether it contains the necessary elements to be considered a harem anime.

Multiple Female Characters: Nyan Koi does have multiple female characters surrounding the male protagonist Junpei. However, unlike traditional harem anime where all the female characters are romantically interested in the male protagonist, only a few characters in Nyan Koi show any romantic interest in Junpei.

Comedic Situations: Like most harem anime, Nyan Koi features comedic situations involving the female characters and Junpei. However, these situations are not solely centered around romantic interests.

  • Kanako is often seen teasing Junpei about his allergy to cats.
  • Kaede is always trying to help Junpei with his tasks but often ends up causing more trouble.
  • Nagi’s obsession with her cats leads to humorous situations where she tries to get closer to them.


While Nyan Koi does have some elements of a harem anime, it falls short of fully fitting into the category. The show focuses more on the comedic situations involving cats rather than romantic interests between the male protagonist and multiple female characters.

In conclusion, Nyan Koi can be considered a comedy anime with some harem elements but cannot be classified as a full-fledged harem anime.

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