Is Mullett Lake Good for Fishing?

Mullett Lake is one of the most beautiful and popular fishing destinations in Michigan. Located in Cheboygan County, Mullett Lake is part of a chain of five lakes that are connected together. It covers over 14,000 acres and has an average depth of 20 feet.

Mullett Lake offers anglers a variety of fishing opportunities. There are a number of species to be found in the lake, including bass, walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, trout, panfish and catfish. The lake also has an abundance of weeds and submerged wood structure which provides excellent habitat for fish.

Mullett Lake is known for its excellent walleye fishing. The lake has good populations of both large and smallmouth bass as well as northern pike. Trout can also be found in the lake during the spring and fall months when water temperatures are cooler.

In addition to the great fishing opportunities on Mullett Lake, there are also plenty of other activities to enjoy. Boating and swimming are popular activities on the lake during the summer months. There are also several boat launches located around the lake where anglers can launch their boats for a day on the water.


Overall, Mullett Lake is an excellent destination for fishermen looking to catch a variety of different species in a beautiful setting. With its abundance of fish, numerous boat launches, and other recreational activities available, Mullett Lake is definitely a great choice for any angler looking to reel in some big catches!

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