Is Metolius River Fly Fishing Only?

The Metolius River is a popular fishing destination in central Oregon. It’s known for its crystal-clear water and its abundance of trout, bass, and other game fish.

Fly fishing is a common way to catch these fish, but it’s not the only way to do it. Other anglers use bait and spin casting techniques to land their catches.

When it comes to fly fishing on the Metolius River, anglers have plenty of options. The river has numerous runs and pools that can be accessed from shore or through wading. For those who prefer float trips, guided float trips down the river are available from local outfitters.

Fly fishing on the Metolius River can be very rewarding. The river is full of native Red Band Trout and other gamefish, such as Smallmouth Bass and Rainbow Trout.

Anglers can find plenty of hatches throughout the year as well as a variety of insects that attract the fish.

In addition to fly fishing, anglers can also try their luck at spinning or baitcasting on the Metolius River. These techniques can be effective for catching larger fish that may not be willing to take a fly. Spinners and crankbaits are popular choices for Targeting larger trout and bass.


No matter what method you choose – fly fishing, spinning or baitcasting – you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience when you visit the Metolius River for your next fishing trip. While fly fishing is certainly popular on this beautiful stretch of water, it’s far from being the only way to catch a fish here.

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Emma Gibson