Is Loomis Lake Open for Fishing?

If youโ€™re an angler looking for a great spot to wet your line, Loomis Lake could be the perfect place to go. Located in Washington State, this large, deep lake is sure to provide plenty of opportunities for a successful day of fishing.

The lake itself covers an area of 1,425 acres and has a maximum depth of 90 feet. This makes it an ideal spot for Targeting larger fish such as bass, walleye, trout and Kokanee salmon. There is also good populations of bluegill and crappie in the lake.

The best way to get out onto the lake is by boat. There is a boat launch located on the east side of the lake that allows access to all parts of the lake. Boats with electric motors are allowed but no gas powered engines are allowed on the lake.

For those without access to a boat there are also shore fishing opportunities available.

The best places to Target fish from shore include along rocky points and around weed beds. Fishing bait such as nightcrawlers or artificial lures can be effective depending on what species youโ€™re after.

Fishing regulations

Loomis Lake is open year-round for fishing with no special regulations in place. Anglers should however be aware that there is only one daily limit per angler and any fish caught must be immediately released back into the water.


In conclusion, Loomis Lake is indeed open for fishing year round without any special regulations in place. Anglers should have no trouble finding success here whether they choose to fish from shore or by boat.

Is Loomis Lake Open For Fishing?

Yes!, Loomis Lake is open for fishing year-round without any special regulations in place. Anglers have plenty of opportunities here whether they choose to fish from shore or by boat making it a great destination for anyone looking for some quality time outdoors.

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