Is Legg Lake Good for Fishing?

Legg Lake, located in South El Monte, California is a popular spot for fishing. It offers a wide variety of fish species that can be caught, including bass, catfish, bluegill and carp.

The lake is surrounded by several parks and trails that provide great access to its shoreline. Fishing at Legg Lake is open year-round with no restrictions on time or size of fish that can be kept.

Legg Lake has an abundance of aquatic life which makes it an ideal location for fishing. The lake consists of two sections; the main lake which has a maximum depth of about 20 feet, and a shallow northern area which has a maximum depth of about five feet. The main lake is where most anglers head to find larger species such as bass and catfish.

The shallow northern area is better suited for smaller fish such as sunfish and carp. This area can also be accessed via boat or kayak but it is much easier to access the shoreline from this area than the main lake. There are plenty of spots along the shoreline where you can cast your line without worrying about any obstructions in the water.

Legg Lake also provides plenty of cover for fish, with plenty of aquatic vegetation along the shoreline and in deeper areas throughout the lake making it an attractive spot for many species to hide out during warmer months or rest between spawning seasons. The water clarity at Legg Lake is also excellent compared to other nearby lakes and rivers making it easy to spot larger fish species from a distance.


In conclusion, Legg Lake is an excellent location for fishing due to its wide variety of fish species, abundance of aquatic life, easy access from shorelines or boats/kayaks and clear water visibility. With all these factors combined, Legg Lake offers some great opportunities for anglers looking for a good catch.

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