Is Lake Wallenpaupack Good for Fishing?

Lake Wallenpaupack is a beautiful, expansive lake located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts from all over the United States.

The 13-mile-long lake has an abundance of fish such as bass, walleye, muskie, and more. With its clear waters and abundant resources, it’s easy to see why Lake Wallenpaupack is an ideal spot for fishing.

The lake is home to many different species of fish, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, muskie and pickerel. Many anglers come here to catch trophy-sized largemouth bass.

The lake also offers excellent fishing for walleye, which can reach up to five pounds in weight. Other popular species include muskie and pickerel.

Lake Wallenpaupack has many boat launches and docks around the lake. There are also several marinas that offer boat rentals and fishing supplies. There are also a variety of restaurants around the lake that serve fresh seafood dishes.

The lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery and there are plenty of places to explore while you’re out fishing. From hiking trails to scenic overlooks, there’s something for everyone at Lake Wallenpaupack. The area also offers plenty of camping opportunities for those wanting to stay a bit longer.


Lake Wallenpaupack is an ideal destination for anyone looking to get out on the water and try their luck at some great fishing. With its abundance of fish species, convenient access points and stunning scenery, it’s easy to see why so many anglers flock here every year.


In conclusion, Lake Wallenpaupack is undoubtedly a great place for fishing with its clear waters and abundance of fish species available for anglers to Target. Whether you’re looking for trophy-sized largemouth bass or just out for some fun with friends or family, this is certainly one spot you won’t want to miss out on!

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