Is Lake Stevens Open for Fishing?

Fishing is an enjoyable activity for many people, and Lake Stevens is a popular spot for anglers looking to catch some bass, trout or walleye. However, due to recent changes in the regulations surrounding recreational fishing in Washington state, it is important to know whether or not Lake Stevens is open for fishing prior to heading out. The answer is yes, Lake Stevens is currently open for fishing.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) manages the fishing regulations and stocking of fish in the lake. They recently made some changes that have allowed Lake Stevens to remain open for recreational fishing throughout the summer.

The lake has been stocked with a variety of different species such as largemouth bass, rainbow trout and walleye. There are also plenty of natural populations of other species such as yellow perch and smallmouth bass.

In order to fish at Lake Stevens one must obtain a valid Washington State fishing license. The WDFW offers several different types of licenses depending on your individual needs. Additionally, they have established regulations concerning size limits, bait restrictions and other important factors that must be followed when fishing at Lake Stevens.

The WDFW also recommends practicing responsible angling techniques while enjoying the lake. This includes releasing any unwanted fish back into the water immediately after catching them, using barbless hooks whenever possible and avoiding damaging habitats by using caution when casting or trolling near shorelines.


In conclusion, Lake Stevens is open for recreational fishing this summer and anglers should take advantage of this opportunity by obtaining their appropriate license and following all state regulations while enjoying the lake. With proper care and consideration this can be a great spot for catching a few fish.

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