Is Lake Mead Closed for Fishing?

Lake Mead, located in Nevada and Arizona, is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including bass, crappie, bluegill, and catfish. Many anglers come to the lake to enjoy its clear waters and abundant wildlife.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing drought in the region, Lake Mead has had to close its fishing season early this year. Despite efforts by the Bureau of Reclamation to manage water levels in the lake and keep it open for fishing, the drought has caused water levels to fall below the minimum required for anglers to be able to safely access the lake.

While this is certainly a disappointment for those who were hoping to fish at Lake Mead this year, it is important to remember that this closure is for safety reasons. Low water levels can create hazards for anglers that could potentially lead to injury or even death.

In addition, the Bureau of Reclamation wants anglers who do plan on visiting Lake Mead this year to be aware that there are additional rules and restrictions in place due to the drought conditions. These include limiting boating speed and requiring all boats be inspected before launching into the lake.

For those looking for alternative fishing spots in Nevada or Arizona while Lake Mead is closed, there are many other lakes and rivers available nearby where one can still enjoy a day of fishing. The Bureau of Reclamation has also put out a list of alternative locations where anglers can go while Lake Mead is closed.

Is Lake Mead Closed for Fishing? Yes, due to ongoing drought conditions in the region water levels have fallen below safe levels and it is currently closed for fishing purposes until further notice from the Bureau of Reclamation. Anglers looking for alternative spots can check out nearby lakes and rivers or consult with the Bureau’s list of alternative locations.

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