Is Lake Lewisville Open for Fishing?

The answer to the question of whether Lake Lewisville is open for fishing or not depends on which body of water within Lake Lewisville you are referring to. The lake is a large reservoir located in north-central Texas, and it is owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. While some areas of the lake are accessible to the public, others are restricted.

The majority of Lake Lewisville is open to fishing year round. This includes the main reservoir, as well as some smaller coves and creeks that feed into it.

Fishermen can enjoy a variety of activities on the lake, including bass fishing, catfishing, and crappie fishing. To access this area, anglers must obtain a special permit from either the Corps of Engineers or from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

The other part of Lake Lewisville that is not open for public fishing is known as “the Cove”. This area was closed off by the Corps in 2008 after discovery that water levels had dropped too low for safe navigation by boats and kayaks. The Cove still contains a large population of fish, making it an attractive spot for anglers who can access it legally.

In addition to the main reservoir, there are several other bodies of water within Lake Lewisville that are also open for fishing. These include Grapevine Creek, Hickory Creek Park Pond, Little Elm Park Pond, and White Rock Creek Reservoirs. Anglers should be aware that most of these locations require a valid state fishing license in order to fish in them legally.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Lake Lewisville is generally open to fishing year round with a valid permit from either the Corps or Parks & Wildlife Department; however, access to “the Cove” is restricted due to low water levels. Additionally, there are several other bodies of water within Lake Lewisville that provide additional recreational opportunities for anglers with valid state licenses.

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