Is Lake La Su an Open for Fishing?

Lake La Su is a popular fishing spot located just outside of the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. It’s an ideal spot for anglers looking to catch bass, pike, walleye, and muskie.

The lake is known for its crystal clear waters and abundant fish population.

The lake is fed by a number of small streams that keep the water temperature cool year round. This makes it an ideal spot for both winter and summer fishing trips.

There are several access points to the lake, including boat launches, public docks, and shore access points.

Lake La Su has been stocked with fish by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for several years now. The stocking program includes bass, pike, walleye, muskie, and panfish species such as bluegill and crappie. These stocked fish provide anglers with plenty of opportunities to catch a variety of different species in one day.

In addition to the stocked fish, there are also plenty of wild fish that inhabit Lake La Su. These include trophy-sized northern pike and smallmouth bass as well as other species like yellow perch and white sucker.

The lake also offers excellent shore fishing opportunities for anglers who don’t have access to a boat or float tube. Several areas around the lake have public access points with good shore fishing spots.


Overall, Lake La Su is an excellent fishing destination for anglers looking for a wide variety of species in one spot. The lake has been heavily stocked with different types of fish over the years and there are plenty of wild fish living in its waters as well.

It also offers great shore fishing opportunities for those without access to a boat or float tube. Yes, Lake La Su is open for fishing!

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