Is Lake Koshkonong Good Fishing?

Located in south central Wisconsin, Lake Koshkonong is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. This 10,500 acre lake is the largest inland lake in Wisconsin and is known for its abundance of fish.

The lake has a wide variety of species including walleye, largemouth bass, muskie, panfish, northern pike and catfish.

The lake’s good water quality makes it an ideal fishing spot. The lake has an average depth of 9 feet and is relatively clear with visibility up to 12 feet deep. With its shallow depth, Lake Koshkonong provides plenty of structure for fish to hide among and access to deeper areas with cooler water temperatures.

Lake Koshkonong offers anglers a wide range of bait options to choose from such as worms, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jigs. It also provides plenty of spots to cast out from the shore or launch your boat from one of the many public boat launches around the lake.

Fishing Tips:

Anglers should Target shallow areas near drop-offs and points when fishing Lake Koshkonong for walleye and bass. During the warmer months, try fishing for panfish near weed beds or around docks and shoreline structure.

For those looking to catch pike or muskie on Lake Koshkonong, it’s best to Target deeper areas such as points or humps during the summer months when these fish pursue their prey. Fishing with live bait such as shiners or suckers can be very effective for catching these larger species.


Lake Koshkonong is an excellent spot for fishing due to its abundance of different species and good water quality. Anglers should adjust their techniques based on the type of fish they are Targeting to get the best results while fishing on this beautiful lake. With its ample opportunities for public boat launches and shoreline casting spots, Lake Koshkonong is definitely a great place to go fishing!

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