Is Lake Kapowsin Open Year Round for Fishing?

Lake Kapowsin is open year round for fishing and is a great place to catch a variety of fish. Located in Pierce County, Washington, this lake is home to many species of fish including smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, yellow perch, brown bullhead, lake whitefish, largemouth bass and black crappie. The lake is also stocked with additional species such as cutthroat trout and kokanee salmon.

The lake provides excellent fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Beginners can take advantage of the many boat launches that provide easy access to the lake. Experienced anglers will be delighted by the variety of techniques that can be employed to catch fish here.

Fly fishing techniques work well on Lake Kapowsin, as do trolling and bottom-fishing for larger fish.

In addition to fishing opportunities, Lake Kapowsin also boasts some stunning scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Rainier from the shorelines or from boats out on the water. Wildlife spotting enthusiasts will love the chance to observe bald eagles soaring overhead or osprey perched atop trees along the shoreline.

Lake Kapowsin is open year round for fishermen and wildlife watchers alike. Anglers can take advantage of its wide range of species every season while enjoying stunning scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced angler looking for a challenge or a beginner looking for an introduction into sportfishing, Lake Kapowsin has something for everyone.


Yes, Lake Kapowsin is open year round for fishing making it a great destination for both experienced anglers and beginners alike who are looking to enjoy stunning scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities alongside some great sportfishing.

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