Is Lake Andrea Open for Fishing?

Lake Andrea is a popular freshwater lake located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northern Highland region. It is a great spot for swimming, fishing, boating and camping activities. The lake has been open for fishing for many years and is a favorite spot for anglers.

The lake has an impressive variety of fish species, including largemouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskellunge and panfish. For anglers looking to go after large fish, Lake Andrea offers plenty of opportunities.

The abundant supply of food and cover in the form of weeds and rocks provides an ideal environment for largemouth bass to thrive in. Additionally, the presence of deep water adds to the challenge of catching these large fish.

The walleye is also a popular gamefish on Lake Andrea. The lake’s plentiful supply of nutrients support a healthy population of walleye year-round.

The presence of rocky structures combined with deeper areas makes this an ideal habitat for walleye. Anglers will find success Targeting them with jigs or crankbaits during spring spawning season or trolling crankbaits during summer months.

Lake Andrea also offers anglers the chance to catch northern pike. During spring months when water temperatures reach around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, pike can be found in shallow areas near weeds and rocks where they are actively feeding on baitfish or crayfish. Anglers should use larger lures such as spoons or spinners to Target these aggressive predators.

Muskellunge are another species that can be found in Lake Andrea waters but they are much more elusive than other gamefish species due to their preference for deep water locations where they can ambush prey from below. Anglers should use larger artificial lures such as crankbaits or jerkbaits when Targeting muskie.


Based on the facts discussed above it is clear that Lake Andrea is indeed open for fishing and anglers have plenty of opportunity to land some big fish from its waters!

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