Is Jordan Lake Good for Bass Fishing?

Jordan Lake is an excellent choice for bass fishing. This large lake, located in North Carolina, boasts over 14,000 acres of diverse and exciting fishing opportunities. The lake is a popular destination for both recreational and competitive anglers alike.

The lake contains both largemouth and smallmouth bass, providing anglers with plenty of options when it comes to finding the right spot to cast their lines. Bass can be found in all parts of the lake, from shallow coves to deep-water channels. There are also plenty of structure points and cover areas throughout the lake that provide excellent habitat for these fish.

The best time to go bass fishing on Jordan Lake is during the spring and fall months when water temperatures are more moderate and the fish are actively spawning or feeding. During these times, anglers can Target larger bass as they feed aggressively on baitfish and other prey species. Additionally, tournament-style anglers can take advantage of this time as well to compete in local tournaments or even larger competitions hosted on the lake.

Jordan Lake is also home to a variety of other game fish such as catfish, crappie, sunfish and even walleye. These species can be caught year-round but tend to be more active during warmer months when they are spawning or feeding on smaller baitfish. Anglers should also be aware that there is some aquatic vegetation in certain areas of the lake which can make casting a bit more difficult and require a bit more patience when Targeting these fish.


Jordan Lake offers a great opportunity for both recreational and competitive bass fishermen alike. The variety of game fish present in this large body of water provides plenty of options for anglers looking for a successful outing. With its diverse habitats and abundance of structure points, Jordan Lake is an ideal spot for those looking to Target largemouth or smallmouth bass during peak times throughout the year.

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