Is Jefferson Lake Open for Fishing?

The Jefferson Lake fishing season has officially begun and anglers are out in full force. From the deep blue waters of the lake to its many inlets and coves, Jefferson Lake offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities.

The lake is stocked with a range of species such as bass, walleye, crappie, bluegill, catfish and trout. There are also plenty of panfish for those who prefer a more tranquil fishing experience.

The local regulations for fishing on Jefferson Lake are very specific and must be followed at all times. Anglers must have a valid license before they can fish and should always practice catch-and-release methods to ensure the sustainability of the lake’s fish population.

Fishing is permitted on all parts of the lake except for certain sensitive areas that are closed off to all activities. All boats must also remain at least 300 feet away from these designated areas at all times. Boats may not be used within 100 feet of any shoreline or dock structure, so it is important to adhere to this rule when out on the water.

In addition to these regulations, anglers should also be aware of other safety rules while out on Jefferson Lake. The use of life jackets is mandatory for everyone in a vessel, including children under 13 years old. Fishing from shore or from any type of floating device is not permitted without special permission from the local Department of Natural Resources office.


Yes, Jefferson Lake is open for fishing and anglers can enjoy a wide variety of species in its deep blue waters. However, it’s important to follow all local regulations in order to ensure safety and preservation of the lake’s fish population.

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