Is It Bad to Leave Your Fishing Pole in Your Car?

Leaving your fishing pole in your car can be dangerous and could cause serious damage to the vehicle or the equipment itself. The high summer temperatures that are often experienced in many locations can cause the metal parts of the pole to heat up quickly and could lead to them warping or even melting.

Additionally, the moisture from condensation that often builds up inside a vehicle can cause rust and corrosion on the metal parts, making them weak and brittle over time.

The constant vibration from driving can also have an adverse effect on your fishing rod as well as any other items you may have left inside the vehicle. This vibration can loosen components, weaken joints, and cause cracks in both rods and reels.

It’s also important to consider how leaving a fishing pole in your car could affect any other passengers you may have with you.

Having a fishing rod in your vehicle can also be a potential safety hazard if it is not properly secured. Many states have laws against leaving any objects that could become projectiles during an accident, including rods and reels. An unsecured rod could easily come loose in an accident and injure someone.


In conclusion, it is best to avoid leaving your fishing pole in your car for extended periods of time as it poses many risks for both the equipment itself as well as other passengers inside of the vehicle. It is always best to take proper precautions when transporting any type of equipment such as tying it down securely or storing it away from direct sunlight.

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