Is Huntington Lake Good for Fishing?

Huntington Lake is located in the Sierra National Forest of California and is a great spot for fishing. The lake is stocked with trout, bass, and kokanee salmon, making it a great destination for anglers.

The lake is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and has a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. It is also easily accessible, with several boat ramps and camping sites available around the lake.

The water in Huntington Lake is crystal clear and the fish are plentiful. The lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout from April to September, making it an ideal spot for anglers looking to catch some dinner.

There are also plenty of bass in the lake, so anglers can choose between catching either trout or bass depending on their preference. During spring and summer months, kokanee salmon can also be caught here as they migrate through the area.

Huntington Lake offers plenty of opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to enjoy their time here. There are several boat rentals available around the lake so anglers can get out on the water easily and quickly.

The shoreline provides plenty of spots to cast out your line, but if you want to get further out into deeper waters then renting a boat may be your best bet. Fishing from a boat allows you to access areas that may not be accessible from shore or even from a kayak or canoe.

The lake also provides excellent scenery for anglers who just want to take in the views while fishing. The pine trees that surround Huntington Lake offer shade during hot summer days and provide protection from windy conditions during colder months. This makes it an ideal spot year-round for those looking to enjoy some peace and quiet while still getting out on the water.


In conclusion, Huntington Lake is an excellent destination for fishing enthusiasts looking for a peaceful place to cast their line out into beautiful clear waters. Whether you’re looking to catch some dinner or just relax in nature while waiting for a bite, Huntington Lake has something for everyone. So grab your rod and tackle box and head over to Huntington Lake – you’re sure to have an enjoyable day out!

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