Is Hess Lake Good Fishing?

Hess Lake is a popular fishing destination that offers anglers a wide variety of species to Target. Located in the heart of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Hess Lake is known for its largemouth bass and panfish fishery. The lake also offers walleye, northern pike, and muskie fishing opportunities. With an average depth of 20 feet and a maximum depth of 25 feet, the lake provides plenty of structure for fish to hide in and anglers to explore.

Hess Lake has a large population of largemouth bass. The lake receives frequent stockings of both Florida and Northern strain largemouth bass which helps keep the population healthy. Anglers can expect to catch bass in all sizes from small 1-pounders up to 5-pounders. The best times to Target largemouth bass is during the spawn when they move up shallow or during the summer months when they can be found suspending off points and mid-lake structures.

In addition to largemouth bass, Hess Lake offers excellent panfish fishing opportunities.

Bluegills, crappies, perch, and sunfish are all abundant in the lake and can provide hours of fun for family trips or friendly competitions among anglers. Panfish are best caught using small jigs tipped with grubs or worms fished around weed beds.

Hess Lake also provides anglers with good walleye fishing opportunities. Although there isn’t a huge population of walleye in the lake, there are some nice fish available to be caught by those who put in their time on the water. Walleyes can be found near mid-lake humps or along weed lines later in the summer months. Trolling crankbaits or casting jigs tipped with minnows are usually good tactics for catching these fish.

Northern pike and muskies are also present in Hess Lake but their numbers aren’t as high as other species due to an aggressive stocking program by the DNR aimed at keeping their numbers low. Anglers who choose to Target these species will need to do so with patience as catches may be few and far between.


Overall, Hess Lake is an excellent fishery that provides anglers with plenty of options when it comes to Targeting different game fish species. Whether you’re looking for big largemouth bass or a fun day with family catching panfish, Hess Lake has something for everyone!

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