Is Gull Lake MN Good Fishing?

Gull Lake, Minnesota is an excellent location for a day of fishing. With its crystal-clear blue waters, it provides a great opportunity for anglers to catch large and smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, and other species of fish.

The lake is located in Crow Wing County and is close to Brainerd and Merrifield. It is part of the Gull Chain of Lakes, which consists of seven interconnected bodies of water.

Gull Lake provides a great place to fish due to its relatively shallow depths and abundant vegetation. The lake has plenty of structure for anglers to explore such as weed beds, rock piles, stumps, logs, drop-offs and points.

These provide ideal hiding places for fish to hide from predators and wait for unsuspecting prey. Additionally, the lake has many shallow flats that are ideal spots for anglers to Target panfish such as crappies or bluegills.

The best time of year to fish at Gull Lake is typically during the spring when the water temperatures start to warm up. This is when most species become active and start feeding heavily in preparation for spawning season. Anglers should pay attention to weather patterns during this time as cold fronts can push fish into deeper parts of the lake where they are harder to locate.

The most popular methods used by anglers on Gull Lake are trolling with crankbaits or using jigs tipped with baitfish or plastics. Fishing from shore can also be productive with spinning gear or baitcasting gear. Fly-fishing can also be effective but can be more challenging due to the windy conditions that come with being on open water.


All in all, Gull Lake MN is an excellent fishing destination for any angler looking for a great day on the water! With its plentiful structure and abundance of different species available to Target year-round, there’s sure to be something here for any type of fisherman.

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