Is Frenchman Lake Open for Fishing?

Is Frenchman Lake Open for Fishing?

Fisherman Lake is located in Plumas County, California, approximately 50 miles north of Reno. The lake is surrounded by a dense forest and offers a variety of fish species to choose from. With its crystal clear, blue waters and abundant wildlife, Frenchman Lake is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts throughout the year.

The lake has been open for fishing since the 1930s and has become a well-known destination for anglers throughout the area. It’s home to several species of trout, bass, catfish, panfish and other game fish. The lake also supports a healthy population of crayfish, which provide food for many of the larger fish in the lake.

Fisherman Lake is stocked with trout every spring by the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG). This helps maintain an adequate population of trout for fishing enthusiasts to Target throughout the year.

In addition to DFG stocking efforts, fishermen can also fish for native species such as catfish, bass and panfish.

Fisherman Lake is open year-round for fishing with no closed season or restrictions on size or bag limits. Boats are allowed on the lake but there are no motors allowed due to its seclusion and limited access points. There are several boat ramps located around the lake that provide easy access to its waters.

Fisherman Lake provides excellent opportunities for anglers looking to catch some great-tasting trout or other game fish species. With its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife, it’s no wonder why so many people come here each year to enjoy some quality time out on the water. So if you’re looking for a great place to cast your line this season then look no further than Frenchman Lake in Plumas County!


Yes, Fisherman Lake in Plumas County is open all year round for fishing without any restrictions on size or bag limits which makes it an ideal spot for anglers looking to catch some great-tasting trout or other game fish species in beautiful surroundings!

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