Is Fishing Good at Creve Coeur Lake?

Creve Coeur Lake has long been known as a great place for fishing. Not only is it conveniently located in the heart of St. Louis, but it’s also home to a wide variety of fish species, making it a popular spot for anglers from all over the area.

The lake is filled with largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, and other panfish that make for excellent fishing opportunities. During the warmer months, anglers can catch bass and crappie near the shorelines or in deeper waters where they tend to congregate in larger numbers. In addition to these species, Creve Coeur Lake also contains carp and gar that can be caught with some patience and skill.

In terms of tackle and lures, anglers should have no problem finding what they need at one of the many bait shops located around the lake. The lake has plenty of areas with docks or piers that are ideal spots to cast out a line or try your luck with a jig or spoon lure. Some anglers even bring their own boats so they can explore further out on the lake and Target specific areas where they know fish like to hang out.

The key when fishing at Creve Coeur Lake is to pay attention to the changing weather conditions since this can affect where and what type of fish you may encounter on any given day. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself there during the right time of year, you could find yourself catching some nice sized bass or other game fish in no time!


All things considered, fishing at Creve Coeur Lake is an enjoyable experience for all types of anglers due its wide variety of fish species and easy access from St. Louis city limits. With some patience and skill as well as knowledge about changing weather conditions anglers can enjoy some rewarding catches from this beautiful lake!

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Emma Gibson