Is Fishing Allowed at Big Bear Lake?

Fishing is a popular recreational activity at Big Bear Lake. Located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, the lake offers anglers a variety of fish species to Target.

In order to ensure the health and safety of the lake, there are regulations in place to ensure that fishing is conducted responsibly and sustainably.

The Big Bear Lake Fisheries Management Program is responsible for overseeing fishing activity at the lake. The program’s main priority is to maintain a healthy and balanced fish population, so that anglers have many opportunities for successful fishing trips. To achieve this goal, the program has implemented strict regulations that must be adhered to by all anglers.

The regulations governing fishing at Big Bear Lake include:

  • A valid fishing license: All anglers must possess a valid California fishing license before they can begin fishing at Big Bear Lake.
  • Catch limits: There are strict catch limits in place for each species of fish found in Big Bear Lake. Anglers should always be aware of these limits before they start fishing.
  • Size limits: Fish can only be kept if they meet certain size requirements.

    Any fish that does not meet these size requirements must be released back into the water immediately.

  • Bait restrictions: Certain types of bait are prohibited from being used on Big Bear Lake.
  • Habitat protection: Anglers must take care to not damage any plants or animals while they are fishing.

These regulations are intended to protect both the fish population and their habitat, as well as ensure that anglers have an enjoyable experience while out on the water. By following these regulations, everyone can help sustain and preserve one of Southern California’s most beautiful lakes for generations to come.


Yes, Fishing is allowed at Big Bear Lake with proper adherence to all applicable regulations.

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