Is Costa Rica Good for Scuba Diving?

Costa Rica is known for its stunning beaches, lush tropical rain forests, and incredible biodiversity. It’s also a great destination for scuba diving.

With its crystal clear waters, rich marine life, and abundant coral reefs, Costa Rica offers some of the best diving in Central America.

The Caribbean Sea on the eastern side of Costa Rica is teeming with colorful fish, turtles, dolphins, and other marine life. The warm waters of the Pacific Ocean off the western coast are home to an abundance of tropical fish and more than 500 species of coral.

Costa Rica has something to offer divers of all levels. Novice divers can explore shallow reefs and sheltered lagoons with ease while experienced divers can take on more challenging dives such as walls, wrecks, and drift dives.

The country also has numerous dive sites to choose from including Catalina Islands off the Caribbean coast; Bat Islands near Playa del Coco; Cocos Island National Park in the Pacific; Manuel Antonio National Park near Quepos; and Cahuita National Park in Limón.

Costa Rica is an excellent destination for scuba diving due to its variety of dive sites, favorable climate year-round, and abundance of marine life. With its wide range of dive sites and activities available, Costa Rica makes an ideal spot for both novice and experienced divers.


Yes, Costa Rica is definitely a great place for scuba diving! With its crystal clear waters, rich marine life, abundance of coral reefs and variety of dive sites to choose from there’s something for everyone. Plus with favorable climate year-round it’s an ideal spot for both novice and experienced divers alike!

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