Is Coffeen Lake Open for Fishing?

Coffeen Lake is a beautiful lake located in Central Illinois, which offers great fishing opportunities. With its crystal clear waters and an abundance of fish, Coffeen Lake is a popular spot for anglers.

The lake is stocked with a variety of species, including largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and catfish. In addition to the lake itself, there are several tributaries that feed into the lake, providing additional fishing opportunities.

The lake also offers several amenities for anglers and other recreational activities. There are two boat ramps located on the lake that allow access for boats and jet skis.

There are also two docks located on the north end of the lake that provide access for shoreline fishing. There are also a few picnic areas around the lake that provide shade and seating for those who want to take a break from fishing.

Is Coffeen Lake Open for Fishing?

Yes! Coffeen Lake is open for fishing year-round and no license is required to fish in this public waterway. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources regulates all fishing activities on Coffeen Lake, so it’s important to follow all regulations when you’re out on the water.


Coffeen Lake is open for fishing year-round with no license required. Anglers can enjoy great fishing opportunities with plenty of amenities available including boat ramps and docks for shoreline fishing as well as picnic areas for taking a break from the action. All anglers must abide by all regulations set by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources when they’re out on the water.

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